Transport JCG

Transport TFI 1/JCG Transport’s experienced team offers dynamic and flexible service that combines a range of modern equipment with leading-edge logistical tools.

Our extensive presence on Canadian and US highways ensures you obtain rapid service that is adapted to your needs. The safety and integrity of your cargo always remains our priority.

We are specialized in general cargo transportation, the aluminum industry, the pulp and paper industry, the energy and cable industry, and many others.

Flatbed Transportation

Flatbed Transportation

Thanks to our wide range of flatbed trailers and specially trained drivers, we can fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.



  • 2-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer
  • 3-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer
  • 4-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer
  • 2-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer with anchor points
  • 2-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer, heated, with anchor points
  • 4-axle closed 53′ (dry box) trailer with anchor points
  • LCV (Long combination vehicle)
  • Heated open-top trailer
  • Flat-bed trailer
  • Curtain side flat-bed trailer
  • B-train flat-bed trailer
  • Chassis for 20-foot containers
  • Chassis for 40-foot containers