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Jean-Claude Germain founded Transport J.C. Germain in 1985. Since then, the effort, determination, and dedication of its staff, combined with its management’s vision, have led the company to its current commercial success.

Over the years, each strategic decision has consolidated the company’s strong position in a highly competitive industry. Joining the TFI International group in 1998 represents one of its key decisions. Since then, Transport J.C. Germain has borne the name TFI Transport 1 L.P., becoming one of the first major acquisitions of this publicly traded multinational.

Through the years, five well-established transportation companies have merged with Transport J.C. Germain to maximize its growth and efficiency.

As it stands, the company coordinates its activities from its head office in Trois-Rivières, its Montreal facility, and its Lennoxville-based sales team that serves its US customers.

Since 2020, the company has been operating under the name TFI Transport 1 Inc. and is proudly displaying its new JCG logo.

The success of the last few years also includes terminals in Trois-Rivières, Drummondville, Lennoxville, East Angus, Lachine, and Mississauga (Ontario), as well as storage and logistics, to position JCG as the carrier of choice for all your needs.

There is no doubt that the company’s success stems from its ability to grasp its customers’ needs and its will to provide simple, value-added solutions that minimize costs while fulfilling its commitments.

Our Mission

To provide efficient freight services in terms of quality, reliability, and safety while bringing about current innovative and environment-friendly solutions


Our Vision

To innovate every day and remain your preferred partner in freight transportation across North America


Our Values

Honoring commitments
Will to excel



Over the years, we have invested in numerous financial and human resources to garner the best certifications available. Thanks to our vigilance and rigorous processes, we consistently remain worthy of such tokens of confidence. Our efforts in this respect allow us to offer unparalleled service all over the vast North American highway network.

750 trailers
235 trucks
One 20′ chassis
One 40′ chassis


CTPAT : Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
PARS : Prearrival Review System
ACI : Advance Commercial Initiative
ACE : Automated Commercial Environnement
FAST : Free and Secure Trade Program
PIP : Partners in Protection
Hazmat class 8


CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

We meet the rigorous safety standards required by the CTPAT program, designed to protect against terrorism threats while facilitating cargo transportation. This significantly reduces the time we spend at the border, thereby providing you with speedy service.


PIP (Partners in Protection)

Since we are considered a reliable, safe, and low-risk trader at the border, we access fast and efficient border processes. The PIP certification helps secure our businesses, supply chains, and communities.


CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) Program

For importers, the CSA significantly reduces import costs. We are authorized to use our own systems and procedures as they meet the requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). This results in accelerated and less costly transactions.


FAST (Free and Secure Trade) Program

The FAST program provides security for citizens and accelerates border crossings in Canada and the United States, including access to reserved fast lanes. All the members of this program passed a risk assessment evaluation before being approved by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).



As a SmartWay partner, we invest to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By transporting cargo in the cleanest and most efficient way, we help to improve productivity while protecting the environment.

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